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      We Specialize In Helping Local Business Make The Transition Into Digital.

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      We Specialize In Helping Local Business Make The Transition To Digital.


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      Social Media Marketing with Lyon Global

      Lyon Global's Specialty

      Lyon Global's foundation is in Social Media Marketing. Not only can we put your company into the viral zone with our Social Media Marketing services, but we can teach you how to spend your competitor's marketing budget, too. We can find you new customers - even people who have never "liked" your social pages. We offer a Full-Service Solution where Lyon Global does all the heavy lifting for you - creating posts, graphics, and even posting on your company's behalf. We'll have a lengthy onboarding call with you to discuss your company's image and develop a strategy. Then, each month, we'll call you again to go over that month's social posts. We'll create the posts, graphics, and send them to you for approval. You approve, we post. It's really that simple! Or, we can provide you with all the tools and software that OUR team uses so you can do it yourself!

      Digital Advertising with Lyon Global

      Radio, TV, and Print Marketing Are Dead. Come Join The Living.

      If you are currently spending money on radio, TV, or .... *gasp*.... print advertising, you should reconsider your marketing strategy. Digital Marketing is traceable, verifiable, and you can target specific audiences - unlike traditional marketing. Want to only spend your marketing dollar on 18-21 year old college students within 25 miles of your store? Done. Your money will ONLY go there - not to a much broader audience, most of whom may not be buyers. Our Full-Service Solution has Lyon Global creating and managing a digital marketing campaign from scratch, while our variety of DIY software resources can help you do it all on your own. Whatever you decide, if you're not investing in digital advertising, your business is going to fail. Let us show you how to succeed.

      Review Management with Lyon Global

      What Are Your Customers Saying About You?

      Having a positive image in the digital world is vital to the success of your business.When people leave a review about your company, how do you know? Do you check ALL the review sites? Our Full-Service Solution might be best! Lyon Global's staff searches - daily - across all the major review platforms. When we find a review for your company, we'll respond on your behalf - both positive and negative. We'll notify you of any super-negative reviews and together we'll come up with a way to make it better. What's more? We can actively solicit NEW reviews from your customers. Usually, people only review if they had a bad experience. Those that have "okay" or positive experiences rarely review... until now! Lyon Global can handle it all. Want to do it yourself? We'll give you the software and tools that we use so you can tackle reviews all on your own.

      Fast, Mobile-Friendly Websites with Lyon Global

      How Awesome Is Your Current Website?

      When's the last time you updated your company's website? Customers look for websites that are fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and where they can get the information they need FAST. Lyon Global's pantry of website options is sure to have a solution that works for you. Whether you just want to have the software to build your own, using point and click style technology; whether you want a full-blown eCommerce site... or anything in between, we can help. Our professional team of website builders can take your current site and make it shine like a diamond - or create one for your business from scratch. You can be as involved (or not involved) as you'd like. **Ask about our 100% FREE website options, for all new clients.**

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Lyon Global

      When Customers Google Your Business, How Far Down Do You Show Up?

      Whether it's fixing up your website, writing blogs for your business, fixing your Google My Business listing, or going all-in with our super-intensive SEO strategists, Lyon Global's suite of solutions can get your company's website to the top of the Google rankings quickly. Our SEO packages will transform your current search engine ranking to one that you can be proud of!

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      Thomas and Claire Lyon

      The Dynamic Duo of Digital Marketing

      Tom and Claire have brought Lyon Global to where it is today through hard work, dedication, and a results-driven strategy for success. Today, leading Lyon Global is what they do best - bringing impeccable service and increased ROI to Lyon Global's Clients.

      Lyon Global's Got The Best Dang Fully-Distributed Team, EVER!

      We're All Behind You!

      "Fully-Distributed?" Yep! Every one of Lyon Global's employees works from a different place all over the world. We have staff in New York, Canada, California, Texas, Paris, Manila, Tokyo, and a few other places, too. Our staff is free to work from wherever they wish. (Isn't technology AMAZING?!) We get together when we can, but whether you're asking for a change to a social post or completely developing a new advertising campaign, it's this team that you're typically working with. With diverse backgrounds and a penchant for creativity, Lyon Global's team is ready to help!

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